About Jennifer Caballero

Photography courtesy of David Koung.

I was born a twin in the small town of Chatham in South-East England to an American mother and Colombian father who were casually traveling the world in a small Volkswagen van, but raised in the equally small city of Greensboro, North Carolina that I call home. I have proudly inherited the same curiosity for life, free spirit for adventure, and adoration for diversity as them. That same spirit and attitude are what have currently led me to live and document Southern California.

My photographic journey actually started with music for me. Having been a musician most of my life, been educated in Music Industries at Appalachian State University (go Mountaineers!), and a constant presence of the Greensboro and Charlotte Philharmonia since High School, I’d focus on the beauty heard. My favorite nerd-out sessions were primarily to the dramatic and expressive Romantic period pieces, and I cannot help but convey that very style in my images as well. Capturing the emotional, the quiet, the joyful, and the often unseen passing moments are what get my heart racing. It’s what I live for, and nothing makes me happier than making someone smile! So, I can’t think of a better way than to combine my two favorite things and make great things happen by my shift in focus to the beauty seen